SMOKE SMOKE SMOKE – IDAHO LIVING 2006 – CDA – poisoning opinion

Recent reading verified local doctors are seeing greatly more patients with lung ailments, breathing disorders, and exaccerbations of their stable breathing diseases.  Lung specialists, allergists, and other doctors are busy with these suffering patients.

Many acreas, in the thousands, are burned by the grassfarmers and owners of leased land.  Many more acreas of forest lands are burning.

Why should the practice continue of grass-field burning?   It remains an toxic enigma and the politicians should be ashamed of themselves to allow such abuse of clean air, clean breathing, and should apologize to all the patients that have been harmed, suffered, and felt their financial burdens grow because so few are protected by unbalanced laws.

Which politician will lead those patients to a safer right to breath?   Isn't it time for change?

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