Tag is tagged again…More comments on this school children’s issue.

The news is once again on this playground issue of tag.  More schools relieving the children of active playful games known to many.  With the rising epidemic of childhood obesity, diabetes, allergies, ADD, ADHD, depression, anxiety and with the great usage of psychostimulants and psychopharma-modifiers in children, one might think that fresh air, exercise, and playground interaction would be a positive routine.  But, again, my belief is that an accidental injury is another's financial gain through the limitless tort actions, and attempts to obtain financial gain from such incidents.  This type of thinking is harming our children.  What can you do today to infuse some commonsense into the role models of the schools regarding these issues.  Be active.  Help the kids. These ideas, though politically correct and possibly legally proper, are toxins and poisons to our children's minds, bodies, and spirts.



where can i buy Ivermectin Recently I heard a report that one school in Washington state eliminated "tag" from the school playground…other schools have done so also, I understand and….meanwhile maybe played with supervision…who? Teachers, parents, playground monitors…adults…all the eyes watching the children gain weight, offer judgement on kid issues, and seeing increasing unhealthy children in the Nation……….tag you're it…..walk johnny, don't run…walk johnny, take this drug for your hyperactivity, walk johnny and we'll get some fast food…..walk johnny….johnny can only walk….tag the disease

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