abloom Recent reading lead me to wonder if the advertising behind the medical problem leads to greater use of the drug.  What is suspect is the $36 million dollars alone that the Glaxo-SmithKline company was reported to have spent on "consumer advertising" for the restless legs syndrome.  Evidently it paid off, with this year's sales of their drug Requip, to be in the neighborhood of $500 million dollars, a very fast growing drug…What is amazing – is that this is a Parkinsons medication.

buy cheap generic Misoprostol online canada pharmacy no prescription With all the ads, the website "hits" of the company's advertising campaign went throught the roof.  Does everyone now have restless legs syndrome?  Does everyone now have depression?  Does everyone now have ADD/ADHD?  Does everyone now have anxiety to treat with strong mind-bending medications?

The continual bombardment of ads by the PHARMA industry is leading to disease propagation and profit propagation.  Buyer beware…patient beware…TV and ad blitzes are real…Is the disease real in all those taking the drug?  

(adapted:  wsj corp focus)

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