What if Sally told Damian who told Susie who said Bob heard from Tony that someone was told that somebody knew about what was supposed to have happened !

Tantoyuca What matters is:

Does your family need every kid to be “on call?”  Does the kid deserve some privacy, alone time, reflection time…

Does your family need every kid to be “on call?”  Does the kid deserve not to be in everyone’s quick pick cellphone five to stay alive?  What if no reply is sent?

It seems that the number of anxiety disorders is rising, as is the number of children with attention deficit disorder, attention deficiti hyperactivity disorder and eating disorders.  Many other illnesses such as diabetes, joint disorders, heart disease, ocd, and high cholesterol are sneakingly and alarmingly rising in our youth.

Many of the reasons that cell phones’ basic safety issues have been put to the back burner, is to train the trend setting addiction downloads and uploads to happen.   Addicted to cell?  Crazy?

The problem is – with all the uploads, downloads, text messages, pix interchanges, and annoying ringtones or games that your youth has to endure….when does the quiet moment come, when does the kid get to relax?  Flop on the couch? Jump in the lake?  Take the cell with…

Processing of information is good.  Processing of steps is good  – as in chess.  All this does come from being able to program a cell phone, take a picture, record a intro, text the message…then send the entire file to a friend or foe in record milliseconds. 

But while doing all of this, reading books, doing homework, writing poetry or music, or practicing basketball or bass guitar…even eating ice cream does NOT happen relaxed.

When people are constantly interrupted from thought, the complexity of the thought process drops.  Like in hitting baseballs or golfballs, the follow through is critical.  I say slow the burn, cell phone OFF turn !

Torture is being interrupted from a thought process over and over and over and over.  Sleep patterns, napping, resting, watching the clouds go by, day-dreaming, and wishing upon a star…are all interrupted.  It just makes for high anxiety.

Slow down, even the turkeys obey the speed limit.

Many of my colleagues would forever give up their beepers, cellphones, and pagers…for less anxiety.  What is crazy is we are creating and feeding the mental anxiety monster in youth worldwide…….

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Oh, excuse me, my cell phone is vibrating………. 

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