Mature Older 55+ Crowd and the Internet

buy modafinil uk fast delivery Saw a recent article in a magazine on the over 55 crowd.  Besides still listening to crooners, rock n' roll, and elvis (sightings often), the crowd is internet savvy.  In the game category, over 55 in the slotsites are 2/3 of the internet seekers.  Surprisingly, obituaries at one site are logged onto by the over 55 about the same amount of time.  Puzzles, investments, genealogy all run about half of the logged on are in the over 55 crowd. This is opposed to the 25-35 crowd that find the parenting sites, over 55 %, while family issues, shopping are frequented in the mid forty percents.  News, sports, and other items run in the 30s percent on those type of websites.

So, if you are in the over 50 crowd, now you know where your colleagues are and your kids!   Wink

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