"Using soluble fiber is a most important preventative health care idea and reduces heart disease risk…soluble fiber should be incorporated in everyone's daily diet."  (Franklin Murphy, MD, FACC, FACP, Clinical Professor, UCLA School of Medicine, and Past Director of the Preventative Cardiac Care Program as endorsing our book, "Soluble Fiber: Saving Your Health, Saving Your Money")


The goal is in prevention and treatment of states of disease such as weight loss, cardiac disease, stroke, diabetes, heart attack, lipids reduction and cancers. Use of soluble fiber and its evidence points toward improvement of risk…probability reduction control.  Always consult your own physician with any addition or change in your diet regimen, health foods, herbals, homeopathics, and be in control.  

What does soluble fiber do?    It has the capacity to lower cholesterols, lipids, cardiac risk in cases, reduce costs of disease, and reduce the possibilities of disease.  Controlling disease states is sometimes just as important as prevention in certain persons with high risk of genetic disease states.  

Even the government has set up commissions on these issues:  The National Cholesterol Education Program" and its goals.

Many foods have a ratio of 10:1 of INsoluble to soluble fibers…we want the ratio reversed with foods and soluble fiber creating the ratio of 10:1 SOLUBLE fiber to INsoluble fiber.   Think of soluble fiber as a sponge in water, absorbing the spilled milk…whereas INsoluble fiber is like a piece of wood in the spilled milk…it moves things along…but does not absorb the mess…………..

Pills, herbs, medicines should not be taken immediately with SOLUBLE fiber supplements.  Always wait hours inbetween to allow the medicines to be absorbed in your system first.

Thanks…and stay tuned…"Food for Thought….or Food for Fiber….or Food for Soluble Fiber." 


  1. I am so pleased that you are acknowledging the importance of soluble fiber in connection with weight loss.

    I am the inventor and patent holder of FiberWater …water containing soluble fiber that does not change the look or taste of pure fresh water. My intellectual properties are covered in 40 countries on 6 continents.

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    Thank you for you time and interest in this subject.

    Suzanne Jaffe Stillman
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