METH ABUSE – PREVENTION – ADOLESCENTS *mighty meth mites or mighty mites*

In a recent study, sixth and seventh graders that were allowed to participate in a family program of life skills showed significant reductions in use of methamphetamine.  The participants were followed for over 4 and 5 years; in two different controlled prevention studies.  Certainly, as with the D.A.R.E. Program put on by Police Departments and schools nationwide, these type of studies do provide hope in the prevention of meth abuse at early ages.  Moreso, the discussion of drug abuse in the young school aged child with families and with experts can only help nationwide.  The epidemic of meth abuse leads to broken families, broken humans, broken finances, and broken minds in our young children.  Certainly more work must be done in these areas of poisonous and toxic destruction of the human spirit and can only benefit the condition of our human enigma.

(adapted from:  Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med/Vol160, Sep 2006)

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