One of the best stories for the holiday season, is the recent bust of the California to Colorado methamphetamine bust.

It was reported by the DEA in Colorado, the drug ring was using the Sesame Street character "Elmo" for the meth "mule."

None other than "Tickle Me Elmo Extreme" was apprehended with the pre-street loot !

Just like meth, able to cause the toxic agitation, convulsions, repetitive movements – the Elmo Extreme character laughs, rolls, and hits the ground uncontrollably…or until it shuts off.

Unfortunately, the infamous "war on drugs" has not shut off the resources, money, or mules for meth, cocaine, crack, crank, weed, or other drugs of abuse – especially at the southern US border.  With the Afghanistan poppy crop at one of its highest production years, the disconnect of drug curtailment and drug support continues within our own government.  And that is a "mind stretch."

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